China’s Microblogging Iceberg – infographic

Social media has become an effective medium for influencing our ideas and views and has drastically changed the rules of an effective Brand Marketing campaign. Due to the growing importance of e-commerce and online activities, reaching customers through digital means has become an essential part of marketing plans globally. Chinese Internet users are active and goal directed. These traits make the Chinese netizen highly desirable for Brands who want to connect and build two-way communications with their consumers, since it gives an ability to communicate directly with the target group, which was unimaginable just a few years ago. Digital media in China is filled with various kinds of “fish” such as; search engine giant Baidu, social networking sites (RenRen, Qzone), instant messaging (MSN, QQ), online trade sites (,, video sharing (Youku), etc. In times when social media influence is flourishing, new technologies and ideas can be embraced and adopted with astonishing speed, instigating significant and often unpredictable consequences. Recent evidence of this is the unexpectant rise of microblogging activity. Since launching the first microblog site in 2007, Fanfou with 0.3 million users, the number of users has gron to 250 million by the end of 2011. The majority of Chinese netizens have at least 2 profiles in different microblogging platforms. Research shows that since August 2011, microblogging ranked as the primary and most reliable source of news and information. This extensive digital iceberg is drowning the once thought to be unsinkable traditional media ship (radio, newspapers, TV).

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Chinese Censorship – infographic

Chinese Censorship

by infoglyphs.
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China White papers: China social media evolution

Un nuevo libro blanco sobre las sociales en China, uno de los primeros elaborados en el año 2011. Muchas teorías siguen vigentes. Que lo disfrutéis!

Chinateca - China social media evolution

Chinateca – China social media evolution

Vía: e3 Reloaded

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ecommerce trends in China – infografía

Otra infografía sobre China, esta vez sobre las tendencias del ecommerce en el gigante asiático.

Chinateca - ecommerce-in-china

Chinateca – ecommerce-in-china

Vía: Carlos Brea